Разработка системы управления операциями для африканского туроператора


Project description

About the system:

The task of an operation management system is to assume all information on tours for their preparation, finance management, settlements with contractors, calculating income, calculating profit by periods.

Initial conditions:

  • The system that the company used before was created when a company was created on base of Google Sheets. It had lots of restrictions that did not allow making changes and adjusting the accounting system according to new business processes of the company. The reason for such restrictions was weak database design.
  • Document flow was based on printed documents and has no automatization
  • Old approach demanded a lot of mechanic manual data entering and its duplicating
  • The new system has to be implemented into operation business without interrupting any company processes


To build a single unified and flexible system of information recording and storage:

  • А quick view of detailed information on sold tours
  • Payments to contractors
  • A summary table of income and expenses
  • Keep a record of net profit
  • Build this system based on agent tour data (BCS)

We created an Operation Management System (OMS) that included:

  • Centralized accounting and storage of data on tours received from the lower-level BCS system, which is formed by agents (sales managers)
  • Booking Viewer - automatic download of tour data from BCS and a shared dashboard for managing tour information
  • Car Moving - recording on car movements, accounting of gasoline release to drivers
  • Transfer Moving - organization of tourist transportation and catering planning
  • Accounting and planning of expenses for the kitchen and others
  • Accounting for domestic travel flights and ticket preparation
  • Mutual payment system between different offices of the company
  • Hotel accounting and reservations
  • Accounting for vendors and payment reminders
  • Calculation of agent fee
  • Planning visits to national parks

Service Modules:

  • Notifications Report - a system that reminds operator to request needed information from agents and the main office
  • Error Catcher - automated system to control internal errors and missing information


  • Handling report for VAT taxes
  • Plan of actions for Ground Handling Department
  • Financial summary and pivot tables, mutual settlements with contractors and calculation of net profit

Client Profit:

  • An organized docflow within the company
  • The company got a paperless accounting system
  • Significantly reduced the number of error in the internal document flow, which allowed to increase the quality of customer service
  • Middle managers save more than 50% of the time on paperwor
  • Plan action for the final organizers of tours is generated automatically that increased number of issues
  • Financial and mutual settlements have become clear for the management of the company