Автоматизация обслуживания клиентов для африканского туроператора


Initial conditions:

Preparation of the safari was carried out using printed materials that the office had prepared manually. It required a lot of repetitive manual work. Lots of inaccuracies in data decrease company service quality.


To create a Ground Handling System (GHS) that allow to prepare safari information automatically based on data from two downstream accounting systems: Booking Confirmation System (BCS) and Operation Management System (OMS).

GHS included such modules:

  • Booking Viewer - general tour information essential for its preparation by the "ground handling" department
  • GH Report - weekly summary of tours to prepare
  • Payment Summary - print report about department payments
  • Ground Handling - print report with department tasks to arrange
  • Guide Summary - print auto-generated report for safari guides
  • Pre-arrival Email - is an automatically generated print report for tour team.

Client Profit:

  • Reduced routine in tour preparations
  • Significantly decreased the number of inaccuracy by tour preparing
  • Simplified docflow and communications within the team
  • Remarkable reduced the pressure on middle and top management