Создание системы подтверждения бронирования для африканского туроператора


Tourist Info, Special Requests And Dietary Habits

Project description


  • To organize transfer of booking data from agents (sales managers) to the main office
  • To standardize document management between agents (sales managers) and tour operator main office
  • To create a single unified accounting system for all sold tours
  • Create an automatic generation of contracts for customers based on the entered reservation data

We created a Booking Confirmation System (BCS) that included:

  • Basic tour information
  • A system for payment accounting and reminders for agents to communicate with clients
  • Tourist info database
  • A detailed description of each day of the tour with financial calculations, company profit, and agent's commission
  • Recording of special customer requests and dietary habits
  • Summary about each safari tour
  • Automatic contract generation in PDF-format based on the entered tour data
  • Automatic export of tours to Google Calendar for a visual representation of timelines and tourist transfer organization

In result we developed a Booking Confirmation System (BCS):

  • The company got standardized, simplified and accelerated communication between agents (sales managers) and the main office
  • Implemented it and trained employees
  • All agent uses BCS
  • Agents save a lot of time on preparing contracts for clients, more than 50% of time
  • The office receives accurate information about each sold safari tour